San Francisco 5th Street 1988: What I noticed when taking this shot was the big water tank on top of the building in the centre.

San Francisco 1988: Adrian Hotel, Eddy Street, corner of Hyde. There is one comment online about this place: “Nothing this place is hella nasty”…

San Francisco Natoma Street 1988: The Examiner newspaper has been through several ownerships since I took this picture. - On July 27, 2000 a federal judge approved a new owner’s assumption of the Examiner name, its archives, and delivery trucks. - This is the only mention of the trucks I can find on the internet, and no other pictures of them have yet shown up on my searches.

New York 1988: Staten Island Ferry. The guy in white is not with me. Photo taken on my camera by Roger.

Washington DC 1978: Cops on Dupont Circle. I asked someone what happened here, they said a guy stole a bike.

Washington DC 1978: A bus picks up at Connecticut Avenue and Q Street.

Washington DC 1978: A family headed for a wedding party at the Washington Hilton.