New York 1988: A 1986 Lincoln Town Car negotiates the junction where Bleecker Street meets 7th Ave. and Barrow St.

San Francisco 1988: ‘65 Mercury Comet 202 tail and logo.

San Francisco 1988: 1965 Mercury Comet in Aqua Blue for sale by owner…

San Francisco 1988: 16th street between Market and Castro. The unusual parking at 90 degrees to the buildings makes for a nice display of car types.  I actually took the pic because of the ‘typical’ SF house style here. Also no tangle of wires overhead spoiling the view.

San Fransisco 1988: Cala Foods on Collingwood and 18th. Online I see it’s now called ‘Mollie Stone’s’, having in between been a Delano’s. Most of the people commenting say the prices are sky-high here.

This car is so messed about with, I can’t tell what it is! Castro Street 1988.

San Francisco 1988: Castro and 18th. How do they maintain that mess of wires?