New York 1987: Someone ‘Jaywalking’ on 7th Ave. We first heard about jaywalking from American movies. A cop would say, ‘If I catch you so much as jaywalking…..’ etc.

New York 1987: F. W. Woolworth store on W34th street near Herald Square. The Woolworth stores disappeared, but the company changed to Foot Locker, and you will find this store still trading under that name.

New York 1987: This strangely shaped building on 6th Avenue and W34th street was built in 1912 as the Hotel McAlpin. At the time it was the largest hotel in the world. The two right-hand towers have odd angles on their frontages due to the shape of the site the building is on. The hotel closed in the 1970s, and the building was remade into rental apartments. It is now called ‘Herald Towers’ after Herald Square which is opposite.

New York 1987: W89th Street. I stayed at an apartment here during this visit. It amazed me at the time how high the apartment buildings were, rising straight from the sidewalk, on both sides of a narrow street. This building, ‘Chester Court’ dates from the 1920s.

New York 1987: Broadway at W85th Street. The clock has gone now, as has the quirky frontage of the shop on the right. The ‘American Restaurant’ on the corner is now called ‘French Roast’, which does not actually sound like something to eat… it’s the English that are known for their roast beef.

Added Note: After a little research, ‘French Roast’ places are International French Bistro style, like the popular ‘Café Rouge’ chain in England.

New York 1987: New York Telephone booth. Amsterdam and W87th Street.

New York 1987: 454 Superette. On Amsterdam Ave. and W82 St.

New York 1987: A café on the sidewalk, actually looking a bit awkward on Broadway and 88th. There’s a Starbucks here now.