New York 1987: Christopher Street. The cars here are boring, but the shop on the left is intriguing. Closed down, but the sign says ‘Smokers Delights’, and also promises ‘Cards - Film - Newspapers’. What does ‘Cards’ mean? Postcards is all I can think of.

New York 1987: Bleecker Street, with a ‘79 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, like the white one in front of the Terminal Diner a few posts ago.

New York 1987: Broadway at W45th Street. The building site on the corner will be the Bertelsmann Building, now called 1450 Broadway.

New York 1988: The doorman is from the Pennsylvania Hotel opposite Penn Station. Two light blue station wagons in view. The further one is a 1980 Chevrolet Malibu wagon, and the nearer is a 1980 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon.

New York: Pretzel vendor on 7th Avenue by Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, April 1988.

New York 1988: The corner of Barrow Street and West Street.

New York West Street 1988: Another view of the Terminal Diner. Two guys are talking on the public phones in the alley. One looks to be the chef from inside. It popped into my head that the chef was inquiring about another job elsewhere. Maybe I overheard him when I took the picture.

New York 1988: Terminal Diner on West Street between Leroy and Clarkson Streets. The car is a ‘79 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme diesel coupe.

New York 1988: A sight I had never seen before, skyscrapers disappearing into the clouds.