New York 1987: Madison Square Garden from 7th Ave and W 33rd St.

Los Angeles 1988: Santa Monica Blvd. I took this shot from the driver’s seat of my rented Buick Skylark. The car in front is an ‘86 Cadillac Fleetwood, and the old black car to its right is a ‘49 Pontiac Chieftain. Century City is to the left, which is an up-market development on the site of the old 20th Century Fox studios.

San Francisco 1987: Sign reminding San Franciscans of the existence of Las Vegas.

American cigarette vending machine. Travelodge Motel office, San Francisco 1987.

Los Angeles 1988: Pantages Hollywood Theater. Classic Hollywood architecture.

Los Angeles Yucca Street 1988: This 1928 Art Deco building, architect Henry L. Gogerty, houses the American Musical & Dramatic Academy, and is just around the corner from the previous posting.