Los Angeles Yucca Street 1988: This 1928 Art Deco building, architect Henry L. Gogerty, houses the American Musical & Dramatic Academy, and is just around the corner from the previous posting.

Los Angeles 1988: The Capitol Tower, Vine and Yucca.

San Francisco 1987: ‘69 Cadillac Calais abandoned on a parking lot on Turk and Hyde Streets.

Los Angeles 1988: 1964 Cadillac DeVille Convertible, Hollywood.

New York 1981: Looking back south at the Williamsburg Bridge from a helicopter.

New York 1987: An American Airlines MD-80 flies in low over Manhattan.

Additional note: I just found out what the building is in this shot. This is ‘The Cornwall’ building, on the corner of W 90th Street and Broadway. Built in 1910, and called an ‘architectural gem’ on its entry online. It’s fancy apartments, with a concy-oige and everything.

New York 1987: Mayra’s Beauty Salon, Amsterdam Blvd. Open late.

Denver CO 1981: The same view as the previous post, taken with a wide-angle adapter, which unfortunately did not quite suit the lens I put it on, hence the vignetting.

Denver CO 1981: Broadway seen from the Broadway Plaza Hotel.